Monday, May 18, 2020


In this world problems are the part of life, solving problems in everybody's goodwill is the only solution for growth, success and prosperity.

     The profession of pharmacy is a fundamental part of healthcare system worldwide. The pharmaceutical industry in India is gaining pace day by day and it has earned the country an important place in global market. Pharmacy is the second crucial face for the patients after the doctor and in the country with over 1.3 billion people this is quite possible. But the profession is not being  valued and respected as it should be,even by the pharmacists themselves. Negligence, corruption and lower level of job satisfaction are the major attributes of drowning the image of this profession. Everyone in this profession whether they are student or professional are blaming each other. Some are blaming higher authorities and drug inspectors for not serving their duty properly.

        There are several challenges this profession is facing. One of the most basic issue is renting the licence of registered pharmacist to others. A pharmacy licence is not a property which can be or should be rented. This license is an acknowledgement of a skills possessed by an individual which will enable the person to dispense medicine to people who know nothing about medicines. Thus to rent their license to an undeserving person is not just unethical but a major deed which contributes in deteriorating their own work field. Students or any professional who is doing this are disregarding their loyalty to their own profession for just small amount of money.

         All the pharmacists should understand that the change comes from inside and should start acting collectively. From the latter each of the pharmacist should act in accordance with the code of ethics, individually which in turn will increase the morale of whole industry and serving the patients should be of utmost priority. Instead of comparison with another profession we should setup our own baseline. For eg- any pharmacist should never rent out their license irrespective of the situation. All in all as a community, each pharmacist should think a better opportunities that could be created by strictly following the code of ethics of the profession. This will be the first step in providing pharmacists the respect and dignity they deserve.
                                                                              - By a fellow pharmacist          


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